About The PAROSH Brand Line

When it comes to style, the right combination of original and classic must come together for your look to be effective. The PAROSH line strives to do this with each item that is released. Back in the 1980’s, legendary designer Paolo Rossello saw a need in the clothing world that became this well known brand.

In fact, the acronym PAROSH actually stands for Paolo Rossello Second Hand. His name represents a visionary style of taking second-hand clothing items and giving them a new life. More than just adding a button, this is about taking the item and making it into a new creation.

The creative design and vision that started with Rossello decades ago continues to please women around the globe who appreciate the customized look that comes from the design style. For women who are interested in looking fantastic and never wearing the same thing as another woman at a gathering, this is the best line!

The pieces that are presented by the PAROSH brand include rare pieces and designer brands blended in with creative style to various characteristic pieces. Rather than approaching the art in an effort to make something for everyone, this line is about making unique pieces that will speak to the consumer.

The style that is used incorporates vintage fabrics that reflect another era while using lines and other artistic elements to create something modern that transcends time and season.

In fact, that individuality that is achieved is why the name continues to please women across the world who want to express their own style when going out.

You will find that checking often on the availability of dresses and other items is a great idea because you never know what kind of gem might pop up. Whether you are seeking a wardrobe addition that will be perfect for an evening out on the town or something for a casual afternoon at home, the PAROSH line is sure to have something that will please you.

When you want to exude classic style and modern funk in your wardrobe, this brand is one of the best to go to. Add them to your favorites list and check often to see what is new. Whether you need a sleek jumpsuit, frilly dress or fun accessory, you will find some attractive and fun designs from the legendary line that continues to please women with innovative designs.


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